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Men's Seiko 5 Automatic Blue Dial Stainless Steel SNK371K1
Regular Price:   $200.00
Sale Price:   $74.95
Seiko 5 Automatic Self-Winding Men's Watch Model SNXF01K
Regular Price:   $149.95
Sale Price:   $81.00
Seiko 5 Automatic SNXS81K Men's Watch Gold Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet
Regular Price:   $250.00
Sale Price:   $81.00
Seiko Chronograph Alarm 100M Watch SNAB37
Regular Price:   $359.00
Sale Price:   $184.73
Seiko Gold Tone watch
Regular Price:   $209.00
Sale Price:   $99.00
Regular Price:   $350.00
Sale Price:   $219.95
Seiko Men's Alarm Chronograph Black SNAB97
Regular Price:   $595.00
Sale Price:   $251.37
Seiko Men's Automatic Diver Watch SNZF63
Regular Price:   $360.00
Sale Price:   $165.10
Seiko Men's Automatic Dress Blue Dial SNXS77
Regular Price:   $250.00
Sale Price:   $108.34
Seiko Men's Stainless Steel Black SFR535
Regular Price:   $225.00
Sale Price:   $102.00
Seiko Men's Stainless Steel White Dial SNDA23
Regular Price:   $250.00
Sale Price:   $159.98
Seiko Men's Two-Tone Alarm SNA619
Regular Price:   $350.00
Sale Price:   $163.00
Seiko Mens Chronograph Watch Black Dial SND571
Regular Price:   $295.00
Sale Price:   $169.00
Seiko SNA413 Men's 200m Flight Chronograph White Dial Pilot Watch
Regular Price:   $550.00
Sale Price:   $328.00
Seiko SNA777 Men's Black Alarm Chronograph SNA777
Regular Price:   $435.00
Sale Price:   $167.00
Seiko SXFF16 Ladies Gold Tone Dress Strap Watch
Regular Price:   $285.00
Sale Price:   $185.00
Seiko watches are the most popular and recognizable brand of watches sold in the world. Seiko led the way in innovation with the world’s first production quartz watch in 1969, and years later with the first quartz chronograph watch. Seiko, a Japanese word, meaning exquisite, minute, or success, continues to this day to live up to its name by leading in innovation and styling.

James Bond, a character that knows style, has been associated with Seiko watches. Actors, such Roger Moore, when playing the character of James Bond, have worn various Seiko watches in four Bond films, and so has Sean Connery in the 1983 Bond film Never Say Never Again. Another famous character, Jason Bourne, also wore a Seiko watch in the book entitled, “The Bourne Identity”.

Gems4Me is proud to offer numerous Seiko men’s and Seiko ladies watches. Featured here are our Seiko automatic watches, military watches, dive watches, gold tone watches, chronograph watches, titanium watches, kinetic watches, and more. All of our watches are offered at excellent discounted rates. Symbolize your success and exquisite taste in style by ordering a Seiko watch today! Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our watch specialists via chat, email, or telephone. We are here to serve you, ensuring your 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

Searching for the perfect men's or ladies watch? Seiko watches provide several varieties at reasonable prices with unbeatable quality.

Seiko has been specializing in mechanical watches since 1881 and has continuously strived to develop a watch that adheres to the latest technology and aesthetic trends. Today, every Seiko watch is carefully crafted with handmade parts from the dial to the hands and case.

Seiko Men's and Ladies watches currently carries six varieties including: Spring Drive, Ananta, Sportura, Velatura, Arctura, and Premier.

The Seiko Spring Drive watch is the only watch where the hands motion reflects the true nature of time. A combination of technology and heritage this watch is assembled in Japan and is truly a timeless piece.

The Seiko Ananta watch is named after a Sanskrit word meaning 'the infinite.' The Seiko team created this watch with the intention of 'no boundaries' and has been given the ultimate devotion of time and energy in creating the most technical watch. This watch truly symbolizes perfection in its appearance and craftsmanship.

The Sportura is Seiko's leading sports collection and is modeled after high-performance sports. The design of these watches includes a stainless steel frame and non-reflective/water resistant crystal which provides durability and class. These watches come in a multitude of designs for both men and women.

The Velatura is a collection of both men's and women's high performance marine watches. There are two different designs dedicated to both the recreational sailor and the professional.

The Arctura is Seiko's signature design and embodies exceptional quality and technology. The Arctura collection is modeled after the beauty of the earth and is perfect for someone who values a handsome time piece.

The Premier is Seiko's leading dress watch collection. These watches have been modeled off of neo-classical architecture which reflects both grace and intricacy. Premier is a classical option which is durable yet eye-catching.